Is your business compliant with ERISA?


Compliance is a word thrown around frequently in the business world, and it’s a goal on your to-do list. Not that important, right?

In the world of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), compliance is not a “goal”. It is the law – and harsh penalties await the offender.

ERISA is federal law. It governs certain minimum standards for qualified retirement plans, health and welfare plans. That sounds simple enough, but therein lies the rub – the complexity and confusion of ERISA falls within those certain minimum standards.

The complexity of ERISA is increasing. This was evidenced, for example, by the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “health care reform”), which directly impacts ERISA-covered health plans.

Federal agencies such as the IRS and Department of Labor (DOL), which oversee and enforce these plans, are paying close attention to plan sponsors’ compliance and non-compliance. The DOL has levied heavy penalties for those who are not compliant with federal laws like ERISA and PPACA.

(American Recovery Company) ARC” and its affiliates together bring over 20 year’s specialty experience in ERISA denial claims recovery experience; plan design and transparency in the health plan arena. Compliance is going to be a must for self-insured Organizations.   ARC follows a simple, transparent approach to getting your company QHWBP fully compliant, beginning with a consultation that identifies your unique needs.

How do you ensure compliance?

The DOL has hired new ERISA Auditors. Are you ready to be audited for ERISA and PPACA?

With over two decades of experience designing self-funded healthcare benefit plans, ARC and its affiliates are is highly qualified to help your organization quickly become fully compliant. And many of these plans deliver cost savings that can be significant.

Health benefit plan documents must be in full compliance with the law and regulations. ARC can give you the confidence you require that your Plan documents are fully compliant.

Pay close attention to the Summary Plan Description (SPD). The SPD specifies the detailed requirements that must be met consistently.   Make sure they are appropriately drafted and distributed by deadlines. Any amendments must be made, as appropriate, and signed. All plan operations must be in compliance with the plan document.

For ERISA health plans, ARC ensures your company complies with Federal ERISA Law. ARC provides a transparent, detailed assessment about your coverage outlining eligibility and benefits. Pay particular attention to “hot-spots,” including compensation definitions, participant eligibility and enrollment, beneficiary designations, the timing of contribution deposits, the filing of 5500s, audit concerns, Schedule C concerns, hardship distributions, loans and investment policy statements, among others.

ARC will review your health plan for the PPACA requirements to date, such as grandfather status, dependent coverage to age 26, prohibition of rescission of coverage, the absence of monetary limits on essential health benefits, choice of provider notice, and claims and external reviews.


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