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Why should a Company do a HealthPlan ...

Why should a Company do a HealthPlan ERISA Audit through ARC?
Background: Companies regularly conduct, or bring in outside audits, of their healthplan benefits. If they have done this for years, and always reported a “clean bill of health”, why should they now expend effort and cost to have an external audit by ARC ERISA experts?   Top-3 Reasons: If an insurance intermediary has intentionally ma [...]

4-year high premium increase projecte...

4-year high premium increase projected
BY KATHRYN MAYER November 13, 2014 • Photo: Getty Images   Employer-paid premiums are increasing yet again with a 5.5 percent rise forecast for 2015, the biggest such increase in the last few years, according to new analysis. Meanwhile, employees’ share of the cost is growing at a much higher rate. Aon Hewitt’s analysis showed [...]