About ARC

American Recovery Company Inc. “ARC”

Mission Statement: Founded in July 2014, the mission of ARC is to create a sustainable healthcare model through:

1) Providing transparent cost-effective and expert consulting services, ERISA audits and superior healthcare reimbursement solutions to Self-Funded Employers and Healthcare Providers

2) To become partners with those in the healthcare industry that are unable to understand and obtain fair, open, honest and transparent processes that are reproducible and withstand the regulatory environment now imposed on the healthcare system

3) Reintroduce rational reimbursement system and processes that have been a part of federal law since 1974 and known as ERISA

The ARC system of companies includes two of the nation’s top specialist firms involved in recovery of adverse (denied or disputed) medical insurance claims.

Company Information: ARC was founded by 5 individuals with over 70 years of experience in healthcare, including clinical medicine, regulatory compliance, business development, supply chain management, reimbursement, healthcare operations and marketing. This group was presented with a set of problems in the revenue cycle management process that had recently been ruled upon in the federal courts. ARC put together its relationships in healthcare, sought out recognized national experts, and created  partnerships to bring their expertise to a new and rapidly growing market opportunity around ERISA and how it affects reimbursements and payments from providers and the self-funded employers, respectively


Contact us: admin@arcrecovery.com